A Peaceful Place

I have said this before, but what I most want is for our library is to be a place where the students feel comfortable upon entering; both because they are at ease with the various ways to use the library and because it is a place they like to be.   Here’s a 6th grade student who stayed in this position for his entire library class. 🙂

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Storytelling! Catholic Schools Week

We had the best time today at St. Eugene. This morning, in honor of Catholic Schools Week, we had a professional storyteller come and entertain all the classes. Jean-Andrew, from storylore.net, did a fantastic job telling stories that engaged students (and teachers) of all ages. The audience participated and helped with sound effects; even Mr. Mirasola got involved! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we send many thanks to (Sister) Jean-Andrew for the fabulous show.


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Middle School Series

Here are Rita and Shelby checking out The Uglies science fiction series by Scott Westerfeld. This series has been perennially popular with the middle school students. How would you like to live in a future world where on your sixteenth birthday you have to undergo surgery to make you perfectly “pretty”?  And what else are these surgeries doing to the teens’ minds? Read and find out what happens when a group of teens rebel….

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It’s finally arrived! The book so many students have been waiting for! Ean has donated The Guinness Book of World Records 2019 as his birthday book and we are so lucky. Guaranteed to be one of the most popular check-outs of the year; we will have a waiting list for it. Right now Ean himself has the honor of being the first student to take it home. Thank you so much, Ean! And Happy Birthday!

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Recently I asked students to write down something they were thankful for on paper “feathers” and we added them to the turkey I had up in the hallway. I love the answers they gave! Without hesitation each student came up with answers like “my family”, “God”, and many other thoughtful, and even profound, replies. Isabela stopped by to admire the finished product and read some of the feathers. Here are a few snippets of what you can see in the hall outside of the library. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Spiders climbing trees, ghosts, skeletons and pumpkins, scarecrows, spiderwebs and a Halloween tree-the library is ready for Halloween! Thanks to the help from many volunteers including Sophia, Mila and Michelle (in the photos) and Mrs. Manning (not pictured), the library was decorated last week just in time for us to start reading spooky Halloween stories. In addition all of the students decorated a ghost of their own and those were hung on the front doors and all over the library. Come on in if you dare!

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