One More Little Bee!

So excited to add another Bee to our readers/writers this week! Katie wrote a review of The Land Of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly, which she recommends to all. Check it out!

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Everyone at St. Eugene has a bee in their bonnet about the Bee A Reader program! Here we have Nick, Carlena, and Sadie showing off their recently awarded bees. These honeys have all learned the art of writing a book review. Instead of droning on and on, they made their reviews buzz with excitement. I know that everyone will be swarming around the new bookshelves to find out which books they recommend! Way to bee a reader!
















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Last night was the final battle in Battle of the Books at Glen Hills Middle School. I can’t tell you how proud of ALL our students I have been all year. A team from sixth grade, five teams from fifth grade and another from fourth grade read 45 books and entered the battles. Each week the teams were quizzed with thirty questions in increasing difficulty about the books.  Finally three teams made it to Glen Hills where 42 teams competed against one another by grade level. We had a blast watching our readers compete and all did a fantastic job. Congratulations to all our participants and especially to Rose, Teresa and Eliana from Book Bombs; Katlyn, Katie and Mila from Golden Books; and Emily I., Emily D. and Sophia from Royal Readers.

They had lots of family and friends watching, too! Congratulations to all and special thanks to the hard-working Liz Mark and Lisa Badran!

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Bee A Reader!

Here is darling Theresa, our first Bee A Reader winner!  To earn the coveted bee, Theresa wrote a book review of a book from our library that she really liked. She chose The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright. If you like your books on the scary side, try any book by Wright. She is a Wisconsin author from Kenosha and has written many a spooky tale. The Dollhouse Murders is also on the list for Battle of the Books this year. Congratulations, Theresa! Way to Bee A (winning) Reader!

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Catholic Schools Week- Book Character Day!

Book Character Day during Catholic Schools Week! The morning started out with some of the teachers dressed as a favorite book. Can you guess? One Fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Suess! All of the students got totally into the theme and here are some photos from the day:See what characters you can spot! You may find Jordy Nelson, Frank Hardy, Odysseus, Captain Underpants, Tin Tin, Lucy from Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, The Lady with the Alligator Purse, Popeye, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Thing 1, Blue Crayon, Christie from the Babysitter’s Club, Athena, Auggie from Wonder, Ruby Bridges, Piggy, Ron Gronkowski, Gerald (goes with Piggy), The Snow Quee, Paddington Bear, Ivy from Ivy and Bean, Unicorn Fairy, Spiderman, Davy Crockett, Martin Luther King, Jr., Dink from A-Z mysteries, Imperial Officer, Ramona, Lia from American Girl, and many more!

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Bee A Reader!

How much do I love my creative friends? A lot! I showed them a finger puppet I received and we talked about how much the students liked it. Then we wondered if we could start using finger puppets as reading incentives and the next thing I knew, Mrs. Wolfe came in with a darling bunny and a book monster that she made and Mrs. Logman brought in many handmade  adorable bees. They both have promised to make more! So the Bee A Reader program has begun. I know the students will adore winning finger (and pencil) puppets for writing quick book reviews of books they enjoyed. And other students love to see what their friends think of a book while browsing in the library. It’s a win for everyone! Thank you to my crafty friends!

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Be Our Valentine!

It’s that time of year again! Just in time for Valentine’s Day is our display table all decorated with hearts and loaded with books for “blind dates”. You can’t believe how popular this particular display is! No sooner did we wrap up books (with a clue or two on the package), than the 5th grade descended upon the table, swooping about like birds of prey. They couldn’t wait to check out  a book all wrapped up not to be opened until they get home. I try to make them promise that they will read at least the first chapter-and most end up finishing and liking their choice. Blind dates can be fun!

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