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MRS. NOAH Author Visit!

We were so excited to have Pamela Willms visit our library on March 13 and 14 to read and share her book, Mrs. Noah, with the 4K, 5K, 1st and 2nd grades. All the students had a great time discussing the book and looking at the larger artwork (by Stephanie Willms) which is now hanging in the library. All artwork is for sale-would be so cute for a baby or child’s room! We hope Mrs. Willms will come back every year to share her special story!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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100 Day!

paddy jacob charlie richard ronan chino anna renee unknownThe First Grade celebrated 100 days of school yesterday! All came to the library dressed as a 100 year old–canes, pipes, bow ties, eyeglasses, their grandmother’s pearls and for some reason, hats,  ruled the day. Aren’t they adorable? We had a great time!

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Hidden Treasure Reader


So excited that Craig chose Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson as his newest Hidden Treasure book. A modern classic, Rabbit Hill was written right after World War II when integration and helping countries who were suffering after the war were on everyone’s mind. This simple children’s story illuminates those problems yet on the surface is a lovely story about the the animals who live near an abandoned house and who need someone to buy it so that they can have food to eat. Will the new owners help them? Will they be hunters or gardeners? Craig seemed to enjoy the book very much and he told me all about it. Way to go, Craig! Keep finding those hidden treasures!

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8th Grade Research

unnamed unnamed-1Eighth Grade frequently comes in to study and check out books, but today they were in and they meant business! Armed with research questions given to them by Mrs. Prendergast, they immediately went to work  looking up information in almanacs, geographical dictionaries, biographical dictionaries, encyclopedias and magazine articles. They also made use of our online World Book and were checking out Badger Link. Many of them were dressed for business because it was Picture Day and they looked very  smart and debonair. We love our eighth grade!

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