8TH Grade Lounging In the Library

These guys look very comfortable on our bean bag chairs. I am going to miss them when they graduate!

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If you have ever wondered what a typical library class can be like with middle schoolers, here is a sampler.  Some days are quieter, some days are louder, but it’s never boring.

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…And Birthday Book Club!

Here’s a reminder that you don’t have to be a student to be a member of our Birthday Book Club! Kate G. donated this charming book, Ten Rules Of The Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry. Kate is a longtime Friend of the Library and gave us this book in honor of a special birthday she just celebrated. To donate a book, either drop off a book (first making sure we don’t already have it), or a check for $20.00 and we will choose a book for you. A plaque with your name on it will be placed in the book and hundreds of students will be able to enjoy your book for years to come.

Here is another book donated to our library by an adult Friend, Anne Arrives by Kallie George. Kate S. generously donated this to us last month and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get her photo with it. Meant for younger readers, Anne Arrives is adapted from Anne Of Green Gables and it is getting wonderful reviews.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH KATES and thank you so much for remembering the St. Eugene Library.


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Birthday Book Club!

Happy Birthday to Patrick! We are so excited to have The Adventures of Loupio Volume 3: The Tournament to join the first two volumes in our library! These wonderful books, by Jean-Francois Kieffer, follow the adventures of Loupio, a young orphan, musician and poet who lives in thirteenth century Italy. Loupio’s two best friends are Francis of Assisi and Brother Wolf.  Love these graphic books which make these wonderful stories accessible to so many students! Thank you, Patrick!

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Birthday Book Club!

Theo has donated TWO wonderful books to our Birthday Book Club! I’m Not Just A Scribble and Splatter, both by Diane Alber, are terrific additions to our library collection. We are so happy to have them in the library and they will be available for check-out soon! Both books will have a plaque placed in them designating them as given to the library by Theo. Thank you, Theo, and Happy Birthday!

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A Peaceful Place

I have said this before, but what I most want is for our library is to be a place where the students feel comfortable upon entering; both because they are at ease with the various ways to use the library and because it is a place they like to be.   Here’s a 6th grade student who stayed in this position for his entire library class. 🙂

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Storytelling! Catholic Schools Week

We had the best time today at St. Eugene. This morning, in honor of Catholic Schools Week, we had a professional storyteller come and entertain all the classes. Jean-Andrew, from storylore.net, did a fantastic job telling stories that engaged students (and teachers) of all ages. The audience participated and helped with sound effects; even Mr. Mirasola got involved! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we send many thanks to (Sister) Jean-Andrew for the fabulous show.


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