Yo Ho Ho!

tristanHere is fearless reader Tristan with some of the Hidden Treasure books he recently read! Tristan checked out The Trumpet of the Swan, The Borrowers, Dolphin Island, Calico Captive, and Lafcadio, among others. He loves to search for the hidden treasures in our library!  Tristan won a few prizes and we put his name in Go For The Gold. This is how to become a Hidden Treasure Reader like Tristan: look on the shelves for a gold star on the spine of a book. This star means that the book is a classic or a well-loved, but recently unread, book. Check out the book and read it and when you return it, I will give you a short oral quiz or we will talk about the book together. That’s it! There are many hidden treasures in our library-see if you can find one!

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