Michael and Tenny: Foodie Friends!

tennyThere is nothing  I like more than seeing students excited about new books in the library! As part of the global awareness grant, we purchased books covering parts of the world where we needed to update. In each of these Cultures of the World books there is a section devoted to the cuisine of that country and it includes recipes. Michael checked out our book on Nigeria (a fabulous book), and Michael invited Tenny over to cook some Nigerian food. Tenny was familiar with the food as his family is originally from Nigeria and together they made puff puffs and jollof rice. Puff puffs are a delicious snack similar to a donut and jollof rice is a one-pot dish similar to pilaf with tomatoes, onions, salt and spices. Both looked so good! What’s for dinner next week, boys? tMunnamed

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2 Responses to Michael and Tenny: Foodie Friends!

  1. swebster1030 says:

    That looks delicious! Perhaps you have inspired some future chefs.


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