Recipes From Italy

Recently St. Eugene Library became the beneficiary of funds from a grant promoting Global Awareness. As part of that grant, we were able to purchase many new books including several global cookbooks. There is nothing I like better than seeing a student check out a book and then really read and enjoy it (and in this case, use it)! Michael checked out Recipes From Italy by Dana Meachen Rau and then made a delicious meal for his entire family. For the main course Michael made Scampi (page 34) with shrimp,pasta, lemon and garlic, mmmmmm!  And for dessert, there was Cornetti (page 16)-the Italian version of a French croissant filled with chocolate or hazelnut. Bravo, Michael! shrimp





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4 Responses to Recipes From Italy

  1. swebster1030 says:

    That is awesome! I think we could start a collection of student made dishes!


  2. nascar24ever says:

    The food looks delish. My mouth starts to water every time I look at the pictures.


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