Sea Creatures From the Sixth Grade





One (of many) things I love about our school is the collaborative spirit between classes and teachers. I also love library displays. So the sea creatures made in art class with Mrs. Ricker have come to find a temporary home on top of the library bookshelves. And Mrs. Webster is sending in small groups of sixth graders to photograph their creations for the data base they are working on in computer class.  Lastly, all the classes who come in the library can walk among the shelves and enjoy the art. These are just a few of the beautiful sea creatures found in the library this week!

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5 Responses to Sea Creatures From the Sixth Grade

  1. andegreiff says:

    Our children are blessed to have the best teachers and role models!!


  2. swebster1030 says:

    Yes! I love the collaboration and so do our students!

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  3. nascar24ever says:

    These are soo cute! The seal is mine. I love all of them!

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