New Middle School Books!

shadows of Sherwood

Robyn Loxley is on her own after her parents disappear and her city is taken over by a harsh, new  governor. Running for her life, Robyn joins a band of misfit kids and they become outlaws determined to right the wrongs of the new government. In the meantime, Robyn is determined to find her parents and begins to piece together clues and learns something about her own destiny. A crackling good story-you’ll love this new Robyn Hoodlum adventure!

seventh most important thing


On a cold winter day, Arthur T. Owens grabs a brick and throws it at the Junk Man.  Arthur has reasons for being so angry, but the judge is ready to send him away for a long time. Until the junk man himself intervenes and offers another suggestion: Arthur can work for him for 120 hours of community service. Given a shopping cart and a list from the Junk Man of the seven most important things, Arthur begins to understand that there is more to the Junk Man than meets the eye….a powerful and luminous story.


This graphic novel is sure to be enjoyed by many of our middle school students! Grunhilda the Witch loses her job and finds a new career: school lunch lady. Then a girl named Madison starts Grunhilda down a road she never expected….Love the dark humor and students will, too!


For those who like series/trilogies, Icebreaker is “a strong start to a new trilogy that will have readers eagerly awaiting the next installment” (School Library Journal). Petrel is an outcast on an ancient ship, an icebreaker that has been following the same route for 300 years. She trusts no one until a mysterious boy is found barely alive on an iceberg and brought to the ship. Petrel hides him because the warring tribes on the ship don’t trust strangers. But what Petrel doesn’t know is that the ship guards a secret that the boy has been sent to destroy. An excellent adventure. Recommended.

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