So proud of Tristan, our newest Hidden Treasure reader. Tristan read Daniel Boone, Boy Hunter by Augusta Stevenson. This book is part of a wonderful, old classic series of historical biographies that you can no longer purchase in hard cover. Have you ever had a book or books that you cannot get let go of for sentimental reasons? That’s what this series is for me. I read dozens of these biographies as a child and keep them in our library because they are still perfect for the non-fiction reader in middle grades. I’ve written about this before, but Hidden Treasure readers find a book in our library that has a gold star on the spine. These are older books, classics, or books that are excellent, but not read often. Anyone who chooses a Hidden Treasure talks about the book with me when they’ve finished and then wins a small prize (and their photo on this blog!). Way to go, Tristan!

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  1. kobefamily says:

    Tristan Rouse with a book? No way….the kid ALWAYS has a book. Good job Tristan!


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