New Picture Books!


Here are a few new books that have arrived recently in the library. So excited to share them with the classes!

thSadie is a girl with a BIG imagination. She likes to make things from other things and go on all sorts of adventures, but most of all she likes stories because you can make them from nothing at all. Charming illustrations and story.

ice_cream_summer-sis_peter-30413104-857602685-frntlIce Cream Summer by Peter Sis is a sweet vision of summer. Joe answers a letter from his grandpa and tells him how his ice cream obsession never interferes with his schooling-including math facts and world history. Adorable!

Edmond_int_v06_sm-1If you are looking for a story that makes you think about individuality and friendship, this is one for you. Edmond is a lonely, timid squirrel who meets Mr. George Owl and soon everything in his life begins to change. Colorful, bright illustrations with a tender story.

rude cakesFrom the book jacket: “Who knew cakes were so rude? In this deliciously entertaining book, a not-so-sweet cake-who never says please or thank you or listens to his parents- gets his just desserts.” I know this book will appeal to many whether you just like to laugh or give a gentle reminder to someone in your life….This is going to be a popular check-out.


Here is a new version of Aesop’s fable, Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. City Mouse takes his country cousin to Mousetropolis to experience all that a city can offer, but then…cat-astrophe strikes! I think this should be in the running for the Caldecott Award for  illustrator R. Gregory Christie.

spots in box



I love that Spots In A Box is dedicated: to the quietly eccentric. But you don’t have to be eccentric to enjoy this wonderful book with a message about humor and friendship. Read and find out what happens to the guinea fowl “without any spots, which made him feel odd ’cause others had lots.”


This book is about two friends, Ballet Cat and Sparkles the Pony. Need I say more? Ballet Cat always wants to play her way until Sparkles gets sad. What will Ballet Cat do when Sparkles  tells her his very secret secret? A great read-aloud written with funny dialog between the two characters. Will be another popular pick by the students!

Here are two picture non-fictions:







how swallow pig

How To Swallow A Pig is another winner from Steve Jenkins. With terrific artwork, Jenkins tells us how to do many, many things: How to crack a nut like a crow, how to build a nest like a wasp, how to hunt like an egret, how to defend yourself like an armadillo…I loved this book and learned a lot. Recommended for all, but especially those who can’t get enough of animal and nature books. Check it out!

amazing creature

Spectacular illustrations and facts abound in, The Most Amazing Creature In the Sea. Which one will it be? “Is it the one with blue blood or the best rotating eyes? Or is it the master of disguise, the one with the best camouflage, the most slime or the most eggs?”A gorgeous book and it will have a readership ready and waiting.

All of these are now available in the St. Eugene Library! Come and explore!





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