The last days of school are always a bittersweet time. We are all excited for summer vacation, yet I know when I come back some things will be changed. Students will have moved away, the eighth grade will have gone on to high school, new students will have arrived in many grades and new teachers will be in some classrooms. Even personalities will have changed. A formerly shy student will be newly garrulous, a student who was chatty will have turned into a taciturn teen, an immature student will be grown-up and helpful. It’s the cycle of school years and I have grown used to it, mostly. Even the library will have a new look next fall. Here are a few photos of our brand new tables and chairs that just arrived in the library today. And after that is my faithful friend, Abby, a former student who is heading off to college in the fall. Abby has helped with inventory in the library these past two weeks and I could not have finished without her. Below she is taking a break and “reviewing” one of the new middle school books. Good luck to you, Abby, and THANK YOU!








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3 Responses to LAST DAYS OF SCHOOL

  1. Katie says:

    Very upscale! Nice choice!


  2. Olivia Taylor says:

    I love the new tables and chairs! Have a great summer everyone!


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