Mystery Masters!


Most of you are familiar with Tesse and Ben, two of our most prolific (and terrific) readers. They both love to read series books. I asked them why and they told me that one book just leads you into the next and they like the continuation of characters and how you can really get to know them. Starting in 4th grade last year, Tesse began to read the Nancy Drew series and Ben ventured into The Hardy Boys, both completing all of them this year. Then they moved onto the Trixie Belden mysteries (my personal favorite) and finished those also. What an achievement! Each week they would check out two to four books, returning them as soon as they finished. It is one of the rewards of being a librarian to see such enthusiasm for reading. Great job, Tesse and Ben!




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2 Responses to Mystery Masters!

  1. kobefamily says:

    I ead all those books too, right around their age. I loved them, and I still read series books to this day, multiple mystery books starring the same characters. Of course the subject matter is different, but I’ve read every book in every crime drama series out there. Good habit to get into, Tesse and Ben!


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