Reading Dog!


Everyone at St. Eugene is so excited about our new reading dog program! Zoeie, a golden retriever, is the newest member of the St. Eugene School staff. She will be visiting weekly so that emerging readers can take turns reading books to her. It is always so exciting (and sometimes a little scary) for a new reader to read stories out loud and share a book with someone else. Zoeie has recently retired from working with patients at a local hospital so she and her owner, Ms. Karen Schrage, have offered to work with our students to encourage and foster reading confidence and success. Here is Pablo, a first grader, reading with Zoeie today! 



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5 Responses to Reading Dog!

  1. From an ink smeared page says:

    Looks like fun!


  2. therysewyks says:

    I adore this! Reading out loud to our dog Harry was great fun for Caleb. I’m glad we can do this in our school. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Natalie Padovano says:

    Can middle school students read to Zoeie???


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