Mary Kate’s Book Review

Hiding out

Hiding out at the Pancake Palace by Nan Marino is a terrific new book for middle school readers! Mary Kate enjoyed this book so much that she decided to become a book reviewer to let others know just how good it is:

Great job, Mary Kate! You’re hired!

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7 Responses to Mary Kate’s Book Review

  1. Leslie says:

    This was really great! Mary Kate, you did a wonderful job!


  2. Diego says:

    I might wan to look at that book


  3. Nan Marino says:

    Mary Kate, You are a star!! Thank you so much for reading my book and for posting this wonderful review! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! What a great blog your library has. It’s a wonderful celebration of books, libraries and learning!
    Keep reading,
    Nan Marino


  4. Thanks so much for checking out our blog! We are big fans of your books here at St. Eugene and Mary Kate will be so excited that you saw her video review. Can’t wait to let her know!


  5. katie says:

    that was great mary kate i loved it i maybe waant to check out that book


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