Book Nooks










Readers can read anywhere: on a plane, at the kitchen table, in a canoe. But every reader has a favorite spot to read (or a place they’ve dreamed about).  Do you have a favorite?  Here are some from BookRiot: 



Keep this one on your desktop to stare at when the temperature drops below 40. (Source)




A reading nook right next to the eating area? This designer knows what’s up. (Source)




This thing is called The Nest Rest, and I need it.




Take the door off a closet, insert overstuffed chair. Instant nook. (Source)





I love that a) this is in someone’s office and b) it involves a step stool. (Source)


reading nook crib thing


Okkkk, I think this is technically a crib? But I want it. I want it grown-up sized and next to a window. (Source)


reading turret



reading nook with curtains


Reading nooks with curtains > reading nooks without curtains. (Source)


hobbit reading nook


Hobbity hole! (Source)


sofa reading nook


Lacking space for a nook? Put a tent over your sofa! Done. (Source)



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4 Responses to Book Nooks

  1. Olivia Taylor says:

    Those are pretty cool!


  2. Natalie padovano says:

    Those are awesome!!! I wish I had one😊


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