New Non-Fiction

We’ve been getting a steady supply of new books recently (Ah how I love the beginning of the year when there is still money in the budget :)). Here are a few of the outstanding non-fiction books that have arrived-they are all so beautiful that I had to share them with you!

from mud huts


This book, by Christine Paxman, is simply outstanding and covers architecture from caves to pyramids to Gothic cathedrals to eco-architecture of today. A much needed addition to any youth library collection.








weird sea creatures


This one is pretty self-explanitory! Loaded with incredible photographs of the strangest creatures from the deep, I guarantee Erich Hoyt’s book will be a hit with all students who love to read about nature and the deep sea.

Becoming BenRussel Freedman can do no wrong in my opinion and he has scored once again with this beautiful, in-depth biography. How did a penniless runaway become a great statesman, author and scientist? Freedman covers Franklin’s life in a compelling and fascinating narrative sure to please both middle schoolers and their parents.

diego rivera


Diego Rivera: An Artist For the People by Susan Goldman Ruban is a first-rate biography with luminous art and captivating photographs. Once you start paging through this book, you can’t stop. Highly recommended.

Come on in and check these out!


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