…books that stay with you forever and I have many! Five Little Peppers and How They Grew and Old Yeller are two more for me. Next is a wonderful essay sent to me by my friend, Patty, that started me thinking about all my old “friends”. What stories will you remember always?

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4 Responses to Remembering…

  1. What is “Five Little Peppers” about?


    • Five LIttle Peppers is a series of books about the adventures of a poor, but loving, family with five children. I think the first one was published in about 1890 or so. Eventually they get taken in by a wealthy man and his son, but the adventures continue. Though old-fashioned, the stories are always heartwarming and the first book, especially, was still popular when I was growing up (1960’s and 70’s). Really charming.
      Thanks for reading my blog! I am going to subscribe to your blog to see what you think of all the Newbery books!


  2. Wendy Evans says:

    We love All of A Kind Family, Stories from Grandmas Attic, or anything by Jean Fritz, Edith Nesbit or Clyde Robert Bulla! We also LOVE the Five Little Peppers!


  3. All of a Kind Family was a favorite at our house, too! I don’t know Stories from Grandmas Attic-will check it out!


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