Birthdays and Hidden Treasures

What a special day it was today for Kenny! Not only did he donate four books to become a  member of the 2013 Birthday Book Club, but he also became our newest Hidden Treasure Reader! Here he is with his Hidden Treasure:

kenny hidden treasure


Kenny discovered a wonderful non-fiction book, Animal Weapons by George Frederick Mason. Kenny especially loved the part about how hawks and falcons can use their talons to attack their prey and find their food. He thought it was a fascinating book.

kenny b-day


And here is Kenny with his Birthday Book Club Books! Kenny donated: Growing Up Muslim by Ali-Karamali; No god But God by Reza Aslan; Five Little Monkeys/Cinco Monitos by Ellen Christelow; and How Dalia Put A Big Yellow Comforter Inside A Tiny Blue Box by Linda Heller. All these wonderful books will be ready for check-out soon! Thanks, Kenny!

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3 Responses to Birthdays and Hidden Treasures

  1. Natalie padovano says:

    Mrs. Boyle I saw u when u took the picture😃


  2. Bobby Albrightson says:

    Good Job Kenny!!!!


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