Here are the two newest members of the 2013 Birthday Book Club! Matilda and Jack have both generously donated some wonderful books to the library in honor of their birthdays. Jack gave us three Step-Into-Reading  Star Wars books which I guarantee will be very popular check-outs. Matilda brought in a beautiful hardcover book: The Tiniest Mermaid which also will be a big hit as so many of our readers love mermaids. Thanks so much to both of them!





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3 Responses to BIRTHDAY BOOK CLUB!

  1. Alia Melloch says:

    I love that Matilda is doing this. The picture almost made me cry after having Mrs. O’Neil tell me about her surgery. I know this will cheer me up. As her bus buddy I knew Matilda very well but I know this picture will help me remember the positive side instead of the negative side. Thank you so much for posting that picture Mrs. Boyle!


  2. Natalie padovano says:



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