Follett Shelf


I am not sure how many of you are aware of our Follett Shelf library here at St. Eugene. Last year, I began an online library for our middle school students through Follett Books. This system is called Follett Shelf and we are beginning to build a collection of books for check-out on their ipads. Follett Shelf is basically a virtual book shelf with 24/7 access to ebooks for check-out by the middle school students. Once they have logged in with their own unique password, a student can browse through a list of books or browse using a cover view. They can search for a book using genre, subject, author, interest and reading levels and other methods. Then they can check-out the book and download it to their ipad where it will remain for two weeks-unless they decide to return it early.

Here is the link to our Follett Shelf:

If you wish to look at our budding collection, just sign in as: steugenelibrary       password: guest.



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2 Responses to Follett Shelf

  1. We just started using Follett Shelf also. Or rather, started promoting it more. Have you found that the students like it and use it?


    • All of our middle school students have ipads so I thought Follett Shelf would be a great way for them to check-out books. I started buying a few ebooks in the spring and added more this fall–we only have about 30 so far; hope to get to 50+ this year. I have also just started trying to promote it. Not too many have used it yet! I think I am going to have to do ebook talks to the individual classes to get it going. I do wish that more of the new books were in ebook form.


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