More Halloween!

A school library is only as good as the teachers and administration who support it, and we have a wonderful staff and faculty. I want to leave you with some of the cast of characters we have wandering around here who make me laugh on a daily basis and not just on Halloween.

She may look like a schoolgirl, but she is our fearless leader and principal: Ms. Jones

Here are Mrs. Kroll and Mrs. McCormick ready to lead K3 into battle!

Oh dear, I fear it’s time to call the exterminator! Mrs. Andres (1) and Mrs. O’Neill (K4)

Thank you for the photos, Mrs. O’Neill!

We’re certainly not in Kansas anymore, Toto!  Mrs. Logman (2)

What a lucky dog!      Mr. Mirasola (3)

I thought she was a scary clown, but she turned out to be a harmless sno-cone. Mrs. McCabe (5)

You know, I had lunch with her, but I never did find out just who she is supposed to be. I did ask her to remove her dead rat from the table, however.  Mrs. Prendergast (8)

I bet you can’t guess what she teaches? Voila! Mrs. Ricker (Art) 🙂

I can’t believe it! It’s Jack and Annie from the Magic Treehouse series-the most popular series in the library!  Quick, get their autographs!  Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Pencak

I know-he’s a little too young to work here–but I wanted to leave you with this gorgeous bird whom I dubbed The Bird of Paradise. He makes me laugh, too!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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1 Response to More Halloween!

  1. Rebecca Jones says:

    WHat a fun day! Mrs. Boyle also had a fabulous costume. I want one of those hats!


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