Happy Halloween from K4!

K4’s afternoon class loves Mrs. Lautmann! Every week, Sally comes in and reads or does a special project with this class. Today they made pumpkin masks for Halloween! We are so lucky to have Sally back at St. Eugene to help in the library. As the mother of four former St. Eugene students, who just packed her youngest off to college, she knows how to keep children entertained with fun activities. Thank you Sally and thank you K4 for showing us your adorable pumpkins!

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6 Responses to Happy Halloween from K4!

    Happy Halloween!


  2. Gabe Armstronf says:

    ha ha that is funny


  3. Cj says:

    That’s so cute


  4. Leslie says:

    Wow! We are sure lucky to have Sally!!


  5. Cj says:

    Love the costumes


  6. Cj says:

    That’s nice


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