New Non-Fiction!

In the winter of 1897 8 American whale ships with 300 sailors were locked in ice in the arctic waters off the coast of Alaska. President McKinley sent 3 men to rescue them-an almost impossible task. The men had to travel over 1500 miles of Alaskan terrain to secure 2 herds of reindeer (for food) and guide them to the starving whalers. Through photographs and journals, author Martin Sandler takes us on a journey into extreme cold, blizzards, injured sled dogs and more, as we follow the 3 men. This is a book not to be missed by any adventure lover. What a great story!

 In The Giant by Jim Murphy, we meet a 10 foot tall petrified man who has been unearthed from a backyard in upstate New York in 1869. Everyone has a theory as to who the giant could be-and scientists and people from all over the world arrive to investigate. Is he real or a hoax? Is he from an Indian tribe or a biblical giant? Crowds and reporters gather and soon the mystery snowballs into one of Americans biggest money-making scams. This fun and lively book is complemented by circus posters, newspaper illustrations and photographs. A fabulous book for Jim Murphy fans and anyone who loves a rollicking good story!

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