Every once in awhile a student comes along who likes to help out in the library. This year, I have not one but two students who grasped the Dewey Decimal System all on their own and who love to shelve books! These two fourth graders haven’t even taken my library skills class yet because that officially starts in the fifth grade. I can’t tell you what a help it is to have students who can be trusted to get books back in the right place. Both Sean and Mary Kate have some of the (ahem) special personality traits of a librarian; they love to organize and put everything in its place . Today I could hear them discussing how an entire shelf was mixed up and how they were going to follow their classmates around to make sure they put books back where they belonged. Here they are working on the art shelves. Thank you both!!

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4 Responses to My New LIBRARY ASSISTANTS

  1. Leslie says:

    Excellent! We certainly LOVE students like this!!!!


  2. gabriella Amos says:

    What a help Mary Kate and Sean(:


  3. Mary Kate Denton says:

    So cool even though I’m one of them!!!!;)


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