I blogged about Wonder by R. J. Palacio last spring, but I just recently came across the trailer for the book. I read recently that it is one of the books being considered for the Newbery Award this year and it deserves to be.

August Pullman was born with a severe facial deformity and is mainstreamed to a regular school when starting the 5th grade. Though Augie has a loving family, his deformity is one that can make people stop and stare in the street-so starting middle school won’t be easy.  The author calls her story a “meditation on kindness”. Read this beautiful story about the simple courage of friendship. You won’t be sorry.

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3 Responses to WONDER(ful)

  1. Joe Prus says:

    Joe-Awesome video I loved it!!!!!!
    Mitchell- Hi nice video:]
    Harrison- Poor kid, sounds like a good book!!!


  2. i feel bad for the kid but the ook sounds good


  3. Joe Prus says:

    A really good, funny book:
    Alex Pienkos


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