Birthday Book Club!

Update: Harry, The Dirty Dog by Gene Zion has been rescued! Caleb has generously donated Harry for his birthday book this year. We will have a photo as soon as the book arrives. Thank you, Caleb! We are thrilled to have Harry back!

In other birthday news, we have two more members of the 2012 club. First, we have Kenny in grade 4. Kenny has donated The Beetle Book by Steve Jenkins. Jenkins has done it again with this gorgeously illustrated book. Did you know there are more than 350,000 different species of beetles? Jenkins packs this book full of information that is sure to attract many students of nature and science.


Thanks, Kenny!

Our other birthday boy is Joe. Joe has donated two fabulous books: The Lucky Baseball Bat by Matt Chistopher and Zoobreak by Gordon Korman. Matt Chrisopher produced a winner when he wrote The Lucky Baseball Bat. When Martin loses his lucky bat, he is sure he won’t be able to play ball anymore. I love this timeless story of not giving up and using your skills to succeed. Zoobreak is the hilarious adventure of Griffin and his crazy band of friends who want to spring every creature in a decrepit zoo to find them a better home. Can they stash 40 animals in their homes without their parents finding out? Read Zoobreak and find out!

Thanks, Joe!

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