Harry, The Dirty Dog

Part of being a librarian is the constant upkeep and weeding of books. It’s always sad when a book that’s become an old friend either falls apart or is lost. We don’t always have the money to replace each book, so must say goodbye to that title forever. One book that I love, but no longer have in the library is:  Harry, The Dirty Dog by Gene Zion. I can’t tell you how many children have fallen in love with Harry and all his adventures over the years. It’s one book that I plan to find the money to replace. In the meantime, here’s Betty White reading this beloved tale (no pun intended).

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4 Responses to Harry, The Dirty Dog

  1. Such a good book! I think you should order another copy 🙂


  2. E A M Harris says:

    I do hope you manage to replace it. Perhaps one of your not so young readers has a no longer wanted copy they can donate.


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