Reader of the Week!

This is sixth grader Michaela, who loves the author Margaret Peterson Haddix. (I do, too!) She is rereading sections of Double Identity, and writing a book review for this blog on her iPad.

Her review follows below. Thanks, Michaela!

From Michaela:

Double Identity

by: Margaret Peter Haddix

The book starts with a girl named Bethany who is nearing her 13th birthday when suddenly her mom cries constantly. Eventually her parents drop her off with an aunt she doesn’t even know. She is afraid her parents are running from something, but what? The situation gets stranger when she overhears her father telling her aunt, “She knows nothing about Bethany.”

She thought that was the end but it just continues to get stranger when she receives a package containing one thousand dollars and four birth certificates with different last names . Which one is her real identity?

In this book Haddix writes with many twists and lots of suspense that makes you never want to put the book down!

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6 Responses to Reader of the Week!

  1. Lynne Wolfe says:

    Great Review Michaela! Makes me want to know more!!


  2. Leslie says:

    MIchaela, you really piqued my interest. I am definitely going to read this book.


  3. Michaela says:

    When I said her father says she knows nothing about Bethany,I meant Elizabeth but you have to read the book to find out who she is!


  4. I got it! You did a terrific job on the review!


  5. Mary Kate Denton says:

    That sounds like The Secret of Rover, it’s a reallllllllllly good book.


  6. Mary Kate, I think you should write a review of The Secret of Rover for our blog!


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