New Books!

Recently we received a shipment of wonderful, new books! Here are a few of my favorites for grades K-3.

This is one of my favorite books this year. A fantastic book for any child who has been told or thinks that his art isn’t good enough or is too different. Pablo faces his critics and makes something truly original. They all say to him, “Just behave…!”  But Pablo follows his own rules and becomes the first modern artist and the most original artist of his time.

Juliette Lowe (nicknamed Daisy) was born at a time when girls were supposed to be dainty and proper and delicate. But Daisy loved adventure and the outdoors! Because she believed girls could do anything and believed in service and good deeds, she founded the Girl Scouts and truly made a difference in the world. Loved it!

During a visit to the aquarium Elliot asks his father if he can have a penguin. His father assumes he means a stuffed animal, not a pet, and hands him $20.00. So Elliot sneaks Magellan home; the smallest penguin at the aquarium. One Cool Friend is a funny and charming story of a beautiful friendship.

Here is another funny book from Oliver Jeffers: Stuck. Floyd gets into trouble when his kite gets stuck in a tree. He tries to get it down and throws up a shoe, a ladder, a bucket of paint, the kitchen sink, an orangutan, and a whale and they all get stuck, too! This book will make you laugh out loud and admire this story of determination and inventiveness. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to New Books!

  1. Mary Kate Denton says:

    My sister should read Here Come The Girl Scouts because she’s a Girl Scout!


  2. That’s a good idea!


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