Reader of the Week!

Sarah Jo

This is Sarah Jo in K4. One of the most important things we learn in K4 is library manners so that everyone can enjoy their library time. This week Sarah Jo listened very well during the story time and then politely asked if she could use a cushion to read a magazine while the others students were still checking out their books. I glanced over at her several times and every time I looked, she seemed mesmerized by whatever she was “reading”. It turned out to be Dog Fancy-one of the two most popular magazines in our library (the other being Zoobooks). Sarah Jo told me she just loved the photo of the fluffy white dog. When I asked her if she had a dog,  she shrugged and said, “No! Two cats.”

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1 Response to Reader of the Week!

  1. Joe Prus says:

    NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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