New Library Display!

Alia-Little Women

Here is our newest library display, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Again, these wonderful vintage paper dolls were loaned to us by Leslie Heinrichs. It is a fabulous way to encourage interest among the students in some of the treasures in our library.

Above is Alia, who checked out a copy of Little Women. Alia is one of our best readers and loves books.  Ms. Heinrichs has promised to make a copy of one of the dolls and the clothes that go with it to anyone who reads any book by Louisa May Alcott. Come and check out our fun paper doll displays and books soon!

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2 Responses to New Library Display!

  1. Leslie Heinrichs says:

    I wanted to point out that the stand alone doll is Katharine Hepburn playing “Jo” in the Little Women version from 1933. The paper doll is probably from around 1940 and has two original costumes. The other pack of paper dolls is from (I believe) 1991 and has all 4 dolls and all the clothes still in the book.


  2. Thank you for the extra info!


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