Great New Picture Books!

Sometimes students see a book that they just can’t wait to read, whether it’s ready to be checked out or not. Even though the following books are “picture” books, they really appeal to people of all ages. When we were processing books on the library counter last week, some fourth graders asked to see this first book and remained enthralled by it for the rest of the class period:

Did you know that a rattlesnake shakes its tail in warning 60 times in one second? Did you know that a bumblebee beats his wings 200 times in one second? This book by Steve Jenkins goes way beyond that-to what can happen in a minute, an hour, a day a year and will challenge and amaze all students of math, science and history. Just a Second is a  fascinating read.

For the animal lovers comes, Curious Critters by David Fitzsimmons. It’s full of clear, gorgeous photographs of everyday animals that makes the reader look at them in a whole new way. Not only is this book eye-catching, it is also packed full of entertaining and educational information. Love it!

Oh NO! E has fallen down the stairs and ended up in the hospital! Who can take over for E? Every letter, it seems, has an excuse (you can imagine where P always is). Will well-rounded O save the day? Read this hilarious book and find out what happens when there is an E-mergency (by TomLichtenheld)!

Last, but certainly not least, is Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.  This absolutely charming and funny book is sure to delight everyone. What happens when a girl, living in a colorless, boring world, discovers a magic box full of yarn? It seems that she can knit for everyone and everything-even animals and buildings-until she has turned her world into a beautiful place full of rainbow colors. Then an evil archduke decides he wants this magic box for himself and steals it from her. How will the story end? Check it out!

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2 Responses to Great New Picture Books!

  1. Pauline Kemp says:

    I will be buying these books for my Grandchildren. The books all sound Wonderful!

    Thanks, Martha


  2. Thanks, Pauline! There are so many great books out there-I’ll be posting more!


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