Catholic Schools Week-Shirley Frederickson

Catholic Schools week is always so much fun with special days and games to celebrate our Catholic Schools. But at the heart of every Catholic school are its volunteers. Our schools simply can’t operate successfully without the tireless efforts of so many. This year, St. Eugene decided to honor our longest-serving volunteer, Shirley Frederickson. Shirley began as a volunteer crossing guard 40 years ago, worked on the playground and then, thankfully, found her home helping out in the library. I “inherited” Shirley when I started here over 20 years ago. She has been the most kind, reliable, and helpful volunteer that anyone could every ask for-every Wednesday morning, in comes Shirley ready to shelve piles of books, check out students’ books with her newly learned computer skills and generally do whatever needs to be done. Shirley and her husband John sent eight children through St. Eugene and are great-grandparents. She also works every day as a waitress at the Town Club, where she heads as soon as she has finished in the library! She is a good friend and a wonderful person. Here she is in action:

Thank you, Shirley!

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2 Responses to Catholic Schools Week-Shirley Frederickson

  1. Love this! She’s the best 🙂


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