First Communion Gifts!

These are beautiful gifts from Sally Davidson Lautmann at @passajjewelry. She will mail anywhere OR she will deliver in Milwaukee area. Sally is a parish member and mother of four fabulous St. Eugene alums. Contact Sally directly or let me know!

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The Living Stations

Here is a prime reason I love working at a Catholic school. Yesterday the 8th grade, who traditionally can be sometimes silly, sometimes rowdy, sometimes…well you get the picture (they’re middle schoolers!), put on the living Stations of the Cross for the entire school and visiting special persons and grandparents. It was so moving and so beautiful and each student played his and her part with quiet dignity. Every year I think it won’t happen again, but once again I was moved to tears at the end when the student choir sang¬† Were You There just before we all silently filed out of church. Blessings to all this Easter season!

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Author Visit!

We were thrilled to host Mary Reinhart, author of The Magical Love Box, in the St. Eugene Library this week! “Miss Mary” read her book to the 2nd grade and they all loved it and her. Entralled by the story, they had many comments and questions along the way. At the end, they received their own love boxes to make. And we are so fortunate that Mary will also return to share her wonderful story with 5K and 1st grades in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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St. Eugene Library

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Birthday Book!

Ryan generously donated The 7th Garfield Treasury by Jim Davis. Here he is along with some of his friends showing off his purchase. The very popular Garfield books fly off the shelves so we are always in need of more! The 7th grade boys are displaying the 7th Garfield Treasury and we are so happy to have this book in our collection. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

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8TH Grade Lounging In the Library

These guys look very comfortable on our bean bag chairs. I am going to miss them when they graduate!

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If you have ever wondered what a typical library class can be like with middle schoolers, here is a sampler.¬† Some days are quieter, some days are louder, but it’s never boring.

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