Summer Reading Photo Challenge!

First Summer Reading photo! Here is Craig, (who can be found reading most every morning), absorbed in the book Unlucky Charms by Adam Rex. Craig is one of our most avid readers and, luckily for St. Eugene, he plans to participate in Battle of the Books next spring. Way to go, Craig!

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Last Day!

As excited and ready as we all are for summer, there is always a little sadness at the end of the year. We have recently said good-bye to a class of students who will only return someday, almost unrecognizable, for a quick hello and a search for their favorite elementary school teacher. The rooms are cleaned and organized, the halls are quiet. The library’s displays and bulletin boards have been taken down, the books are lined up on the shelves in perfect military order, and the story corner stands empty. But we are ready to renew ourselves over the summer and make new plans and new goals. The “New Books” shelf stands ready, armed with fiction and non-fiction selections for readers who will be eager to check them out.  And always, there will be readers. 🙂 Happy Summer and Happy Reading!!

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Mrs. Ricker is getting ready for the art show and students are bringing projects up to display in the library. These 4th grade paper mache animals were so cute that I had to takes some photos to show all of you! We have everything from puppies to penguins-here are some of them!

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Every Wednesday afternoon, I have the delightful honor of hosting 8th grade study/library time. Here is the some of the students I had today (for the most part, they actually were studying)! I am going to miss this class a lot and hope they all come back to visit when they are in high school and beyond. They are a special group! 🙂

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National Library Week!

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Battle Of The Books!

Under the guidance of wonderful Mrs. Badran, St. Eugene entered two teams in the Battle of the Books competition this week. Though we entered the contest as late arrivals and didn’t get the book list (out in May) until this past fall, we were so proud of our 4th and 5/6th grade teams! I had a great time watching the competition and cheering them on with several other faculty members. With the 2018 book list due out soon, we hope there will be many more entrants from St. Eugene School. I know that students who observed the practice rounds in the library are eager to participate-we all had a lot of fun! Please encourage your readers in next year’s 4th, 5th and 6th grades to join in!

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Ahoy, Matey! Lovely Rose is our newest Hidden Treasure reader! Rose discovered Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli. Rose loved this story about peer pressure and growing up. In fact she enjoyed it so much that she begged me to read it out loud to her class. Since we just finished a book, I think I will! See me in the library if you want to find out how anyone can become a hidden treasure reader. Way to Go, Rose!

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