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Hidden Treasures Abound!

isaacShiver me timbers! Isaac is the newest Hidden Treasure reader! Isaac read The Lucky Baseball Bat by Matt Christopher. This is one of my favorite books because it teaches you  to believe in yourself and your own abilities.  Isaac told me he enjoyed this book and is on the hunt for more hidden treasures. There are plenty of hidden treasures in our library for both girls and boys-who will be next? Congratulations, Isaac!

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How To Train A Mind To Think? READING



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I can’t believe it; we have another Hidden Treasure Reader today! Wow! Craig read a great, old classic from 1956 called Stowaway To The Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron. Craig and I had a very nice chat about this book and he told me all about the adventures of Chuck and David when they visit the Mushroom Planet in their new space ship. Will they be able to keep the place a secret? And what about Horatio Q. Peabody? I enjoyed hearing all about it! Congratulations to our newest Hidden Treasure Reader!

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Yo Ho Ho!

tristanHere is fearless reader Tristan with some of the Hidden Treasure books he recently read! Tristan checked out The Trumpet of the Swan, The Borrowers, Dolphin Island, Calico Captive, and Lafcadio, among others. He loves to search for the hidden treasures in our library!  Tristan won a few prizes and we put his name in Go For The Gold. This is how to become a Hidden Treasure Reader like Tristan: look on the shelves for a gold star on the spine of a book. This star means that the book is a classic or a well-loved, but recently unread, book. Check out the book and read it and when you return it, I will give you a short oral quiz or we will talk about the book together. That’s it! There are many hidden treasures in our library-see if you can find one!

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Happy Birthday, Matilda!

matildaMatilda became a member of our Birthday Book Club last May and I am finally posting! The end of the year got away from me but I didn’t want to forget to  post cutie Matilda’s photo along with a big thank you from the St. Eugene Library! Matilda donated Judy Moody, Girl Detective by Megan McDonald and we are so happy to add it to our collection.  Thank you, Matilda!

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Fall Is Here!

tableThe St. Eugene library is ready for autumn and Halloween! Look at the beautiful display created by volunteer extraordinaire Mrs. Manning. brenda

Lots of students stopped to admire and check out some Halloween books, while others worked on their Power Hour projects or did some quiet reading on their own.

boysgirlsellaivanjosephkaitlynIt’s been a busy day in the library and that’s the way we like it.

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