Third grader Emily is a voracious reader-my favorite kind. She reads and understands well above her grade level and sometimes it’s a challenge to help her find just the right books. I don’t want to discourage her reading in any way, but I also want her to get the most out of the books she does choose. Historical fiction is her favorite genre-though I’m not sure she knows what a genre is yet! Stella By Starlight was on the display table of new books a few weeks ago and Emily was immediately attracted to it, checked it out and brought it home for Easter vacation reading. Yesterday she brought in a review of the book for me which she did totally on her own without being asked–look at the lovely quote at the end! Don’t you just know that a student like Emily has great things ahead? Wonderful job, Emily, and thank you!



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47 Charming Facts About Children’s Books

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Library Volunteers


What is a great way to spend time with your child at school and help out the library? Becoming a library volunteer! Students love it when  their parent comes and reads to their class, and I love the extra help with checking-out and shelving so that I can spend more time helping the students find good books. Here is Tanya reading to her daughter’s K5 class this morning. Tanya is one of our volunteers who comes in once or twice a month-the work is not hard and we are so thankful for the assistance. If you can spare an hour out of your week or month, contact me and I’d love to put you to work. Can’t resist this last photo of Matilda in K5 loving the story, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers as read by Tanya. Thanks to all our helpers!                                                          matilda













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Michael And The Presidents








So proud of fourth grader Michael who has read our entire set of Encyclopedia of Presidents. What a fabulous achievement! Michael has always been very knowledgeable about the presidents and is even more so now-I was so impressed that he read these 44 books and remembers them in depth. And I can always count on him to shelve them correctly for me because he knows where each president belongs in order of their presidency. Will we be seeing  you with a White House career some day, Michael? Way to go!


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Caleb’s Birthday!


Happy birthday, Caleb, and thank you so much for donating Timmy Failure-Now Look What You’ve Done by Stephan Pastis (book 2). Caleb has always been a great supporter of our library, donating a book each year in honor of his birthday. You can see he has a couple of fans (photo bombers) in Andrew and Austin, doing their best to get on the blog :).  Remember-anyone can donate a birthday book. We love adding great new books to our collection. Thanks, Caleb!

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A Poem In The Pocket

poem 2

In anticipation of National Poetry Month coming up in April, we have been sharing the book, A Poem In Your Pocket by Margaret McNamara and G. Brian Karas, with many of our classes. They loved it! We all had fun coming up with examples of metaphors and similes and trying to recite haikus and rhyming poetry. When I suggested they try to write a poem for the pocket on the library door,


some of them protested that they couldn’t write a poem, so I pulled out a book of Shel Silverstein poems and we read a few of those. OH! Funny poems? Suddenly they were all pulling out paper and writing away. We had a blast. The pocket will be on the library door for a few weeks; please stop by and put a poem in our pocket!

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Ryan’s Birthday Book!


Many thanks to Ryan who donated a book on one of his favorite subjects: Garfield! Ryan has generously given us Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack by Jim Davis. This will be one of the most popular books in the library-everyone loves Garfield!  To Ryan’s left you can also see part of our sign on the library door: Put A Poem in the Pocket. We are asking students (or anyone!) to slip an original poem into the pocket in honor of National Poetry Month which is coming up in April.

Thanks, Ryan!

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