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BIRD by Crystal Chan

Last night I had the great good fortune to “meet” Crystal Chan, the author of the wonderful new book, Bird. Okay, not exactly meet, but I did get to cyber-chat with her (along with my online college friends’ book group). And we got to bond over growing up in the same area! :) Bird is a lovely, lyrical look at deep topics that affect many: dealing with the death of a loved one, growing up mixed race in a place where that is exotic, family problems and  just being twelve and handling all that and more. Jewel’s brother died on the day she was born and her whole life seems to revolve around that fact until one day she meets a boy with her brother’s name and then things start to change….captivating, mysterious, heartbreaking and joyous, Bird is my favorite book this year.

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Birthday Book Club!

josephHere’s Joseph who is always such a great supporter of the St. Eugene Library! Joseph has donated the new book, Crenshaw, by Katherine Applegate-the author of the the  Newbery Award winning book, The One And  Only Ivan. Crenshaw is sure to be another winner with the students, and is already garnering rave reviews from book reviewers. Thank you, Joseph, and happy birthday to you!!

If any of you would like to become a member of the Birthday Book Club, see me for more details or you can pick up a form outside the office. We really appreciate your generous contributions!

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Dear Hank Williams

Thank You, Emily! I know a lot of students will want to check this out!

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Birthday Book Club!



Jake has donated The Astounding Broccoli Boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce in honor of his tenth birthday. Why has Rory Rooney turned GREEN? Why is he stuck in a hospital ward? What if it isn’t a virus? What if…he has actually been turned into a superhero? (Think about it; some superheroes began their careers by turning green). He is going to find out and that begins with escaping from the hospital. Many students will enjoy this wildly funny adventure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!








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Trick…Or Treat?









Here is a real treat: Paul staying after school to shelve books for me (I have a broken foot). This is but one of the things that I love about St. Eugene- the sense of community and caring that we all share.Thank you, Paul! Your help is most appreciated and you are a champion shelver!

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