Fines Forgiven At North Shore Library!


As part of their 30th birthday celebrations, the North Shore library is forgiving fines on overdue items checked out from their location. Be sure to return your (overdue) items by the end of this week to take advantage of this wonderful offer. The library has had activities all week long, which will end with a big party on Saturday. Sounds like so much fun!  Be sure to check it out and return those books!


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Short Story Contest Winners 2016!


Each year we take special pleasure in reading all the stories submitted for the short story contest. We have such talent here at St. Eugene School! All the judges had a difficult time choosing the final winners. It’s no surprise that all of the students above are big readers; reading fosters good writing and is so important in the development of writing skills. I am proud to announce our winners! From back left: Patrick, Paul, Anna and from front left: Rose, Natalia, Adriana.

Congratulations to all our winning writers! You wrote beautiful stories and we are so proud of you.



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Fly Away


I love this question tweeted by Goodreads today: If you were suddenly transported to the setting of the book you’re currently reading, where would you be?





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Global Awareness


michael tenny



There are many different ways of teaching global awareness so that students gain a better understanding of how different social, political, cultural, environmental and economics shape our world, but none is more fun than cooking! Here again are Tenny and Michael, our budding chefs, who checked out the book, Wide World Cookbook by Rebecca Shapiro. Michael and Tenny cooked Kanomblally, a Thai coconut dessert. They told me it was really delicious with a flavor combination of bananas and coconut and would be good as a summer dessert as it is light and not too heavy. They also said they want to check it out over the summer to try more recipes from around the world. Great job, boys!

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Help is needed in the library on Monday afternoons:
May 30 and June 6.

Tuesdays anytime:
May 24, May 31, and June 7.

Wednesdays anytime:
May 25, June 1 and June 8.

I need to take inventory in the library which this year means mostly taking the books off the shelf, wiping the shelf and putting the books back on in the correct order. We have over 9000 books and I can’t get it done alone. I promise the work is very easy and I will be there if you have any questions. It’s a great way to spend some time seeing our collection-bring a friend and you can have a good visit too!

Just email me at, call me, or pop into the library to sign up for a time(s).


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Power Hour



pageEvery quarter I have a new creative writing Power Hour and this semester I have 7th grade boys. I am loving this group-they are interested, engaged and determined to write well. I know from my reading (and from years of experience) that boys tend to respond positively to competition so I’m not going to lie, sometimes I throw a Jolly Rancher to the student who comes up with the best piece of descriptive writing that day. Today everyone got a Jolly Rancher; we had some great stories. I wish you could hear how quiet it is in the library when they are all concentrating. We share the writing with the group with everyone listening and offering positive or helpful comments. Great job, guys!



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