14 Amazing Bookish Halloween Costumes for Children

These are adorable!

14 Amazing Bookish Halloween Costumes for Children – BOOK RIOT.

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2nd Grade Book Review! Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas by Lynne Cox

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Who Says Boys Don’t Read?

There are many people who think that they don’t like to read, and parents complain of this especially with their boys. I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t like to read if only they could find what they like to read. If a child doesn’t like to read fiction books, try them with non-fiction! Many a student has passed through our library doors who didn’t like the current trends in reading. (and there have been many-currently it’s fantasy and science fiction),  yet found a love of reading by cruising the other side of the library: history, sports, animals, space, etc.). Or perhaps a student doesn’t like Harry Potter (could this be possible?), yet loves a good mystery story. The key is to try different things–maybe your student will bring home a book on war submarines or the underground railroad; let them explore! Here are some candid photos I snapped yesterday while the fifth grade was in the library–hmmm, mostly boys were doing the reading with some great new books:


David with a new mystery.


Diego: football!


Stephen with Stubby, the War Dog.

Stephen 2

And: How To Make A Planet


Miles learning Fun Magic Tricks.

Henry alex rose

Henry and Alex checking out a new joke book :) and way in the background is Rose absorbed in her book.






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Habits Of The Common Bookworm

habit of the common bookworm

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Old Friends


Sometimes there are books that just get old and tired (like people!) and you have to retire them for good or buy new. We can only buy new replacement copies if we are lucky enough to have a little extra money in the budget. This year we were very fortunate to have someone donate enough money to enable us to start replacing some of our “old friends.”  Should students judge a book by its cover? No! There are many great books that don’t look interesting at first glance, but hold treasures inside. But DO students judge a book by its cover? You bet they do! We have become a very visual society and a bright, new colorful cover will attract new readers to the book. Above are some of the old/new books that we have begun purchasing. I am excited to introduce these to a new generation of students!

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First Day Back

I love the first day back at school! I miss the students and it’s delightful to come back to a library that is all organized and in place from the inventory done last spring. Here are some of the third graders (my first class of the year) settling right in. Welcome back, everyone!

emily and Gage Jake rosa john and seab Ryan

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Library Cake!

Found on Pinterest-would love to challenge any of my local readers to duplicate this and bring to our library!

library cake

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