Short Story Contest Winners!

We had many terrific short stories submitted to our contest this year! All of the judges said that choosing the best was very difficult. So congratulations and great job to everyone who participated. The stories were judged on creativity, originality, grammar and punctuation and the following four students were the final winners:

story contest

Grades 5-8

1st Place: The Mark of the Fallen by James Laubach

2nd Place: Return of Julia Palmer by Sarah Sullivan

Grades 1-4

1st Place: Best Friends Forever by Adriana Banda

2nd Place: The Journey to Mars by Patrick Firsan

Congratulations, everyone!





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Mystery Masters!


Most of you are familiar with Tesse and Ben, two of our most prolific (and terrific) readers. They both love to read series books. I asked them why and they told me that one book just leads you into the next and they like the continuation of characters and how you can really get to know them. Starting in 4th grade last year, Tesse began to read the Nancy Drew series and Ben ventured into The Hardy Boys, both completing all of them this year. Then they moved onto the Trixie Belden mysteries (my personal favorite) and finished those also. What an achievement! Each week they would check out two to four books, returning them as soon as they finished. It is one of the rewards of being a librarian to see such enthusiasm for reading. Great job, Tesse and Ben!




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Tesse’s Book Reviews!

Wonderful Tesse is back with reviews of two books by Sheila Turnage. She thinks you should check these out!




 tesse books

Three Times Lucky and The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage

Book Reviews by Tesse

I am going to review two books – Three Times Lucky and The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing. Both of these books are by Sheila Turnage.

 Three Times Lucky is about a girl named Moses (aka Mo) LoBeau, who was washed onto the shores of the town of Tupelo Landing eleven years ago during a hurricane. She lives with Miss Lana and the Colonel and helps them in their café along with her friend Dale Earnhardt Johnson II. Mo thinks that her summer looks good, until one of the residents of Tupelo Landing is murdered and a lawman comes into town asking questions. With Dale’s help, Mo sets out to solve the mystery.


The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing is about Mo LeBeau just starting sixth grade when Miss Lana accidentally becomes the owner of an old inn because of the Tupelo auction. When Mo learns that there may be an unidentified ghost in the inn, she is itching to take on the case. Plus, finding out more about the ghost could earn her extra credit in history class. So, Mo and Dale take the case, and with the help of a new kid Harm Crenshaw, they discover that it is more than just the inn of Tupelo Landing that is being haunted by the past.

I really enjoyed both books because they were suspenseful and funny with just the right touch of spookiness. I would recommend these books to mystery lovers everywhere!


Thanks, Tesse! Great job!



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Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You?


I think grades 5-8 should appreciate this quiz. Let me know how you do! (Psssst: I got 800′s).

Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You?.

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Birthday Book Club! (pt. 2)


Kenny donated How To Be A Dinosaur Hunter by Scott Forbes!  This “NOT-FOR-PARENTS” guide takes you all over the world and through time and space to show you how to find dinosaur remains and to learn about how dinosaurs lived. Including information on fossil collections and tips from some of the most famous dinosaur detectives from the past and present, this book covers everything dinosaur. It is literally stuffed with fascinating information!

Thanks for the great book, Kenny!

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Birthday Book Club!



Diego donated Popular Clone by M.E. Castle! What if you could clone yourself and one of you could go to school and the real you could stay home eating Cheetos, playing video games and working on inventions? That’s what happened to 12-year-old Fisher Bas who was tired of being bullied every day at school. But what if your clone becomes more popular than you and get “clonenapped” by an evil scientist? What if you have to set out on an adventure to rescue your clone? What a fun new book for our library collection!

Thanks, Diego!

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Journey (K4 Book Review)

Today I read Journey by Aaron Becker to K4. I wondered if they would be able to sit still and listen together, because this is a wordless book. With wordless books, you have to tell the story with the class as you view each page and sometimes that is a challenge with a lively group. But this magical tale, about a child who goes on an adventure that she makes herself, totally held their interest and more. They were captivated with each illustration and followed along beautifully, raising their hands to share their thoughts about each page. We loved Journey! Here’s the review:


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