Ahoy there, Matey! Ingrid has become our newest Hidden Treasure reader! She read Please Don’t Eat My Cabin by Jean Merrill. This charming book tells the story of a boy who befriended many wild animals-especially Q, the porcupine, and what happens when he tames them for his lonely friend, Tesse. Become a Hidden Treasure reader by finding a book in our library with a gold star on the spine. These books are “treasures” that haven’t been read much in recent years or a classic of children’s literature. Read one of these, take a short quiz and you could win a small prize, get your name in Go For the Gold and your photo in this blog. See below :) Congratulations, Ingrid!


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Big excitement in the St. Eugene Library! We recently added some great new books from the Badger Biography Series about people from Wisconsin. We have books on Curley Lambeau (Packers, anyone?), Les Paul (the legendary musician), Harley and the Davidsons (motorcycle legends), Ole Evenrude (outboard motors!), Dr. Kate Pelham (in 1913 she was the only doctor in the wilderness of northern Wisconsin and who also inspired children to collect enough pennies to build a hospital), and Mountain Wolf Woman ( a girl from the Ho-Chunk tribe). Come and check them out!

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Jake and the Birthday Book Club!

haunted library

Another birthday book for the library! So happy that Jake donated The Haunted Library, by Edgar Award winning author Dori Hillestad Butler. When Kaz, the ghost, gets blown away into a distant library, he is afraid he’ll never be reunited with his family-until he meets Claire. Together, they will look for his family and solve a few mysteries along the way. Be sure to check this one out!

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Readers of the Week!

I caught fifth graders Inge and Katie diligently reading during their library class today. Katie is reading a popular mystery that came out last year called, The Wig in the Window by Kristin Kittschner and Inge is reading one of our Hidden Treasure books, Snow Dog by Jim Kjelgaard. Not sure what a Hidden Treasure book is? Come in and ask me!

readers of the week


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Day Brighteners!

Every once in a while I get a note or a drawing from a student and I love it! I always hang them up on the bulletin board, but thought I’d post this one just for fun. I don’t even think this student was in trouble-(though she may have wanted one of my infamous Jolly Ranchers….).

mary grace


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Here is Joella, who is celebrating her birthday with a donation to the Birthday Book Club at the St. Eugene library! Joella’s mom came in and read to the class and everyone really enjoyed the stories. JoellaWe are always so grateful for the birthday contributions to our library. See Mrs. Boyle for information on how you can help, too!

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14 Amazing Bookish Halloween Costumes for Children

These are adorable!

14 Amazing Bookish Halloween Costumes for Children – BOOK RIOT.

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